Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Homegrown- Oriental Institute

WTH? I can't believe we have this treasure near us and the admission is FREE (donations are recommended and please do support this treasure in our midst).
The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago hosts a collection of artifacts that date back to Mesopotamia....that's right, the first civilization. And I'm not talking about some small pot or arrow, I'm talking about walls from buildings!! Huge statues all preserved right here in Chicago.

 That's King Tut behind Vincent.
Big bull from Petra with Vincent's dad (he happens to be a Taurus, go figure).

The Oriental Institute offers youth and family programs that will educate and entertain children. Talk about hands on experience! When we attended, we learned how the alphabet started and looked for some clues in the collections. So fun!

During the week, we reviewed life in Mesopotamia with some online videos for kids on their history and we learned they created taxes, farming, and other firsts not just writing.

Finally, I brought Vincent up to date with what is happening with the ruins. Some were sent here to be preserved but the rest is being destroyed by the terrorists.

That's why supporting these organizations are worth the investment.

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