Thursday, June 4, 2015

Homegrown- Hoofprint

I've been trying to organize my thoughts with the help of a glass of Chardonnay (I should stick with Sauvignon Blanc but whatever) on how to include the lessons I do with Vincent so that it is easy not only to document but for someone to review (Florida requires that a FL certified teacher review his work annually).

I think I am going to incorporate it into this blog with a title that always begins with "Homegrown" as my moniker for homeschooling lessons.

Vincent visited Hoofprint with his dad where he learned everything about the screen printing process. From start to finish, he produced his own logo and used the machines to print his artwork on paper and finally on shirts. He did this alongside local Chicago artists that use the printing services for their own artwork. Vincent was so happy! If you want your kids to learn about screen printing, click on the Hoofprint link and call them to make an appointment. I believe its $25 for a session.

At the library, I borrowed books on the history of the printing process from Mesopotamia to today. Vincent learned How it started? What materials were used? Who was in charge of writing? What they used it for, etc. Vincent thoroughly enjoyed his lesson.

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