Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Ok, so my computer was out of commission and I left Chitown for the 305. I'm a native there and my entire family lives in the same zipcode (33155 if you're curious). It was a good trip and had me thinking A LOT.

I read each and every homeschool related book that you see on my bed. There's a lot to learn from each one but for me, there's not one true model to follow. Like in therapy, you can't use only psychoanalysis to help someone; it's dipping into various approaches for each unique individual's needs. For example, I like Charlotte Mason's method of using narrative to assess a child's learning. However, I don't feel you need to block 15 min for math, 15 min history, etc. when you can use thematic instruction to do it all at once and as long as the child is interested in the subject. If you want to learn about Julius Caesar, you can use all of the pertinent academic subjects under that one title. Science- how they created the aquaducts; Social Studies- how they lived, dressed, ate, parliament, and warfare; math- what was the math used at the time? What are Roman numerals; and it goes on and on. Then you can attend a Shakespearean play on JC. If money allows, go visit Italy! (I wish) Or visit a museum that has it on as an exhibit.
One of the first books I borrowed from the library was Archimedes. I knew that he was the father of mathematics and that's about it. Oh, he invented the Pi. Well, I sat down in my bed with my son, and he suggested that I read two pages, and he reads the other two alternatively (love this). We learned how he figured out Pi, and other devices. It was so cool.
Then it hit me. I don't remember a darn thing I learned in grade school or school all together. I don't know how I passed my classes. No clue. Most of the subjects I relearned in college. For some reason, maybe maturity, it sunk in. Now, with Vincent, I get to learn with him! EVERYTHING. It's not only him learning, but I am participating too.
Now Vincent's dad beat me to the homeschool punch. He took him to Hoofprint in Chicago where he had a private lesson on the silk screen and printing process. Vincent designed his own logo and had it printed on shirts. He was among other local Chicago artists while he was designing his print. How cool is that? You have to make an appointment but I think it's $25 for a lesson. I love that Vincent had this experience.
Well, I will be back soon to share some of my experiences and growth. In the meantime, have you seen that video posted on FB about the Kangaroos fighting? God help me, but it reminds of me of some of the moms in my school. Another reason why to homeschool!

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