Thursday, March 19, 2015

Prospective Homeschooling

Not exactly sure what the hell I am doing. Honestly. After 18 years of marriage, I am suddenly divorced and free to choose what I want to do. [blank stare]
I've applied for jobs that I am perfect for but no bites. I continue to substitute and teach Spanish at my son's school but I feel like there's more out there for me. Then I read the "Motivation Manifesto". Yep. Pretty much I need to branch out of my comfort zone and do what I am meant to do. [crickets chirping]
I was thinking of going to Medford, OR because the IRS lady (I'm missing my check) told me how the weather is perfect there, nothing like the tundra I live in good ol' Chicago. Then, I started thinking about all the great travel offers I would like to take up but its always on school days...
Hence, homeschooling.
My neighbor and one of my BFF (gratefully I have many that are conspiring to pry me out of my shell) unschools her kids. Well, that's not totally my thing, but she gave me a few books to read (approx 10) on the subject and so far the Thomas Jefferson method is pretty cool.
I was thinking of doing the whole RV homeschool thing but I need to slow down and just stay home for a year and try it out.
My son, V, is ecstatic. "Why should we give the school 4K when we can use it and you can teach me. You're a teacher! We can have an adventure!!". He's 10 going on 60 and he's been dying to own a VW camper since Disney Cars. Again, I just got divorced!! I need to figure all the $$ crap out!
Do you know how the world of homeschooling has excelled from its dreary beginnings of odd, sequestered children? Holy cow. And I am living in the most child friendly cultural city. Field Museum offers DNA experiments from trees as well free guided tours of each exhibit and a chance to chat with the scientists. WTF?? AWESOME. That's just ONE thing I can do with V.
As I am reading about Thomas Jefferson's curriculum, V walks by and chimes in "Did you know that Thomas Jefferson was homeschooled?" OK, dude, I got it. Chill out.
It will be interesting to bring this up to the ex. He loves history and is a veteran of the USMC so he may want to contribute. Keep your fingers crossed!

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